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This soap is a bit different to your mass produced handwash though. It's SLS free - which is the harsh cleanser that is so often added to skincare products and is really more suited to industrial cleaning; often dries out your skin meaning you feel the need to add more products to soothe it and not good when you have to use hand sanitiser on dry hands!

There are no synthetic colours or fragrances either, this one is scented with Lavender Essential Oil and it is made using squalane which is naturally extracted from Olives and helps to hydrate and moisturise the skin. It also includes natural glucosides.

Mild enough to use even in the shower, this is a gentle formulation that can be used on your body too.

Lavender Oil is known for its relaxing scent and its anti-bacterial qualities that can help to improve your skin health.

Lavender Oil Liquid Hand & Body Soap 250ml - Lytchett Bay Soaps