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Gentle, handmade botanical dog soaps are effective in cleaning canine fur and in helping to deter pests.

The soaps contain neem oil, the oil of the neem tree, which helps keep your dog’s coat lustrous and healthy. Neem oil is well known for its antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties, as is lemongrass essential oil – this combination will help deter ticks and fleas.

Coconut, olive and sweet almond oils are full of the antioxidants and nutrients that make cold process soap gentle, neutrally PH balanced and naturally effective in washing away dirt, without drying out the skin.

All our soaps are vegan, contain no synthetic chemicals or fragrances and use only steam distilled plant essential oils.


Rub the soap directly on wet dog fur or on a wet sponge.

Massage gently into a lather all over the dog, avoiding the eye area.

Rinse with warm water and repeat.

Dry with a clean towel.


Biodegradable paper and label


Coconut oil (sodium cocoate),

olive oil (sodium olivate),

almond oil (sodium almondate),

neem oil (sodium neemate)

distilled water (aqua),

lemongrass essential oil (cymbopogon schoenanthus),

linalool and limonene (naturally occurring allergens in essential oil),

glycerin (a natural by-product in cold-process soap)

Botanical Dog Soap - Farm Soap Co