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Garlic and jalapeno salt with a delicious fruitiness that makes it a versatile flavour-booster for all kinds of food - whether as an ingredient or a finishing salt.

Natural sea salt, air-dried garlic and three kinds of chilli: Jalapeno, red chilli flakes and cayenne. Used as a finishing salt its bright red colour looks amazing on mac'n'cheese, cheese toast, mash, scrambled eggs, baked potatoes - everyday kind of boring food that's crying out for a boost of flavour and excitement.

As an ingredient use it as a rub on roast chicken, in soups, stews and supermarket pasta sauce that needs some extra oomph!


Ingredients: Sea salt (80%), chilli flake, garlic, paprika, crushed red jalapeno, cayenne

Blended and packed in the UK

Vegan and gluten-free

Chef's Secret Jurassic Inferno Chilli and Garlic Salt

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